Courtney G. Smith, aka The Reiki G, is a Chicago based traveling Reiki Master. Courtney was first introduced to Reiki in 2013. She was having chronic pain, and a Reiki Master she met suggested she give Reiki a try to help deal with the pain. Two years after that, her Reiki Master friend Angela Mayah Solstice strongly encouraged Courtney to take her Reiki Level I and II classes to continue her healing journey. In 2015, Courtney began providing Reiki for her family and random animals that popped up in her backyard.

In 2018, Courtney began seeing clients regularly at Haji Healing Salon (Haji) located in Chicago. It was here that She also took Reiki Levels I, II and III at Keystone Healing Center located on Chicago’s north side. The following year, Courtney began to volunteer her services with I Grow Chicago, a non-for-profit whose mission is “to grow Englewood from surviving to thriving through community connection, skill building, and opportunity.” It was here that Courtney would cultivate homework for her clients to do after their Reiki sessions. The premise behind the homework was to shift the energy inside of them so that they could begin to shift the energy around them. Courtney realized that it was important for her to give people homework that did not entail spending a lot of money on crystals, essential oils, etc.

Courtney began giving the same homework to her regular clients. She discovered that her clients who did their homework consistently began to have major shifts in their lives. One client who was consistent with the homework received a promotion at work, began dating someone new, and started mending relationships she previously thought had been destroyed.

In the fall of 2019, Courtney received her Reiki Master Certification. After receiving her Reiki Certification, Reiki made the tough decision to leave Haji to branch out on her own. Courtney’s overall goal is to raise the vibration of people to enhance their lives so that they can thrive. Courtney offers Reiki Level I, II and III training and certification, several packages including one designed to assist clients with their careers, and distance and private in-person Reiki sessions. 

"I had the pleasure of taking Courtney’s Reiki course last weekend and it was so affirming and profound! She has a way of teaching that makes the student feel so comfortable in learning the material. I was so shocked to hear that she had only taught one Reiki practitioner before our course because she knows her material so well and the process was so natural! I am so excited to take on her teachings and apply them to my own Reiki practice. Learning from and being attuned by Courtney was a great decision! I will be taking another one of her courses when I get the chance! ❤" - Cammy S.