Control Your Auto Productions' first project, the award-winning documentary Beauty Does Lie: The Untold Stories of Autoimmune Diseases, explores the lives of seven women living with five different autoimmune diseases.

The autoimmune diseases featured include lupus, multiple sclerosis, Sjogren's syndrome, pernicious anemia and myasthenia gravis. The women explain the emotional and physical difficulties of living with chronic, potentially debilitating diseases while dealing with  the ignorance and misunderstanding of their diseases they encounter in society due to their healthy outer appearances. In spite of their daily battles with their autoimmune diseases, these women are able to triumph and live fulfilling lives. Beauty Does Lie is available for purchase.

Control You Auto Productions' current project is the web talk show Relationships & Tea w/Me Courtney G. #RTWMCG discusses different aspects of relationships as well as lifestyle topics. Courtney G. Smith is the host of #RTWMCG. She's excited for the first episode and upcoming awesome first season!

Courtney is currently in pre-production for a short film depicting her healing journey with myasthenia gravis. Production of the film will begin Summer 2015! Courtney is ecstatic about this short film!!

Control Your Auto Productions, Inc. specializes in producing lifestyle and health related media with an emphasis on autoimmune diseases.